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Strong Encryption

All data is encrypted using super strong AES 256. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), is the latest and greatest encryption adopted by the U.S government. No one, not even UIA can read the data in your backup archive. Perfectly suited for all government regulations on storing data of any kind, you can rest easy that your data is safe.

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High Speed Connectivity

SAS 70 Approved

Our network is made reliable through applying redundancies and best practices at every part of our network backbone. 

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mother of pearl globesglobes UIA maintains a solid infrastructure that is audited and certified as SAS 70 Type II.

SAS 70 Certified

Our Data Center employs redundancies and best practices at every level of operation.

UIA maintains a solid infrastructure that is audited and certified as SAS 70 Type II.

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Latest Security News
  • Massive SQL Injection Attack Hits Internet

    On Thursday, March 31st, information security firm Websense reported that a massive SQL injection attack, dubbed “LizaMoon,” was rapidly circulating the Internet. LizaMoon uses a common URL encoding tactic to update SQL database tables on servers that are susceptible to the attack, effectively editing live website data. It exploits this breach to insert Javascript into [...]

  • BlackBerry Releases Patches for Enterprise Server

    Today, BlackBerry released patches to address a vulnerability in the PDF distiller component of the BlackBerry Attachment Service for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BBES). Listed as BlackBerry KB24547, the have scored it using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) at 7.6. This scale ranges from zero (0) through ten (10), and 7.6 is classified as “High” [...]

  • Microsoft Patches A Record 49 Vulnerabilities

    It’s “Patch Tuesday,” and Microsoft has issued patches to correct a record 49 separate vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and other Microsoft software. These updates include patches rated “Critical,” Microsoft’s most severe security rating, reserves for vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited to allow attackers to remotely control affected systems. Some of the critical [...]

Managed Firewall

Our managed firewall solution is packed with features. The best feature of all is that you never have to touch it! Loaded with tools, from monitoring your connectivity 24/7 to blocking hack attempts in realtime, the Internet Security Manager is a SAS70 world class solution designed for both the office environment and a hosted data center environment that fits virtually any size business.

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Ethernet Over Copper (EoC)
Low Cost, High Speed Ethernet - Starting at Greater speeds than T1

Ethernet over Copper is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for wide-area broadband connectivity for businesses of all sizes. Organizations are adopting industry-standard Ethernet services as a cost-effective and reliable way to scale and support voice, data, and video convergence on a unified network.

With UIA Ethernet over Copper (EoC) service we can now offer an Ethernet solution with up to 20.0 Mbps of symmetrical speed, leveraging UIA experience and expertise with broadband technologies. The brand new, state-of-the-art Ethernet network, introducing new broadband services using G.SHDSL technology is managed by UIA and proactively monitors end-to-end network performance from the customer premises to the Internet.

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